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Meet The Team

Qualetha Carty Profile Pic.jpg


Qualetha, Chief Commercial Officer and Creative Director, is a wife and mother.  Qualetha has always served the community, working at non-profits and volunteering her time when needed. Qualetha earned her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Affairs and Master of Education, Curriculum and Instruction. As a substitute teacher, Qualetha believes in pursuing and fostering nurturing learning environments in her instructing approach.  Qualetha is a creative juggernaut which reflects in her many ideas she envisions for BASUP. Qualetha is also a kind heart, she will give the shirt off her back to someone in need.

Qualana Profile Picture.jpg


Qualana, Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel, is a servant to the community.  Qualana received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Howard University and her Juris Doctor from the University of the District of Columbia School of Law and is licensed to practice law in the states of Maryland, Ohio and the District of Columbia.  Qualana has worked for non-profits and has a desire to keep strengthening communities around her. Qualana is an advocate for justice, humanist and activist. Being a critical thinker and analyst, Qualana displays determination and advances the goals of BASUP.  



Moya, Chief Operating Officer and Brand Ambassador, is a devoted single mother, and yearns for the best for her son, which has inspired her to build his success.  This yearning transpired an even greater calling for Moya to lead. Moya earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Masters in Management and Leadership.

She seeks to empower young girls and young single mothers to gain confidence and resilience.  It is Moya’s confidence, character and coolness that BASUP leans on to provide the spark to help ignite confidence in women, to reach greatness and their highest potential.

Wanda Alli Profile Pic.jpg


Wanda, Director,  is committed to assisting BASUP achieve the fruition of its objective to positively change lives. Regardless of life situations, Wanda did not give up on her dream of attaining a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  In 2011, after 5 children, 6 grandchildren, nearly 30 years of marriage, and returning to school after 20 years at the age 53, Wanda attained her Bachelor of Science in Accounting and did not stop there.  In 2014, Wanda received a Master of Arts in Christian Studies with an Emphasis in Christian Leadership. Wanda attributes her grit and determination to her faith and holds to the belief that it is never too late to achieve your dreams.  She knows it is never too late for improvement. Wanda wishes to share her wisdom and determination with others. 

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