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Company Information

  Mission Statement

Build A Sistah UP (“BASUP”) and Build A Brothah Up ("BABUP"), (collectively the BABSUP Group), are  on a mission to help individuals and communities build healthy and prosperous lives. BASUP strives to improve and/or change the lives of those who want better for themselves and their families but lack the resources to fulfill their objective. It is BABSUP intentions to help provide these resources to positive change. We believe that by first starting the process with women, we can build up our families and communities. Hence, if we Build A Sistah Up, we can then Build A Brothah up, and in turn, build our communities up.  BABSUP is a way of life.

BABSUP is a place where you are treated like royalty because that's how it should be. Here, we are Building Brothah's and Sistah's through a different avenue. 


At BASUP, gain a unique shopping experience when you purchase apparel, bags or services here that are inspired by you, whether you demonstrate fun, faith, free-spirit or encouragement and empowering, the apparel and bags that describe you are here. To add to our journeys of personal growth, keep up to date with your BABSUP motivational speaking, courses and festivals.

Thank you for visiting  BASUP!


What We Do

BASUP offers to build women up by instilling hope, eliciting love, and evoking permanent change and strength for positive self perception, individually and collectively. BASUP offers motivational speaking and coaching through online courses, webinars, seminars, festivals and exhibitions discussing topics on health, wellness, relationship, family, beauty and financial literacy. BASUP also offers merchandise expressing positive words/images, offering products with positive messages on building better lives. BABUP strives to encourage and celebrate men.


To help build sisters and brothers  up, BASUP and BABUP also offers merchandise consisting of motivational reminders to pursue purpose. Each item that is purchased allows BASUP and BABUP to grow its resources to build men and women up. BASUP's and BABUP's merchandise promotes and sells merchandise that expresses positive images, words of encouragement and imagery that expresses pathways to change.  




Build Better! 

Build Bold! 

Build Brilliant!

Company Background

Build A Sistah Up ("BASUP") is a progressive, forward thinking concept of positively changing lives by Building A Sistah Up, founded by three sisters and their mother. BASUP is an LLC comprised of three members, Qualetha, Qualana and Moya, the three sisters.

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